General Info

CRA will do our best to provide our riders with everything in our reach. We work hard to keep everyone safe and satisfied. Here are a few general tips for the Vets and Masters Cycle: Tour De Maurice.

There are no closed roads.

Because the island is so small, life must go on despite the Vets Tour. Be aware of all vehicles on the road and stay as far left as possible. Use your road cycling common sense.

French is the main language.

If you don't speak, learn a few phrases to be smart. However, English is understood. Don’t compare to events you do in other countries. Mauritian cycling is growing and still attracting people to the sport. CRA uses all of our resources and contacts to help provide for riders.

Get a SIM card.

Just need your ID. We suggest using Orange as they are available all over the island.

Mechanics not course.

If you run into a problem and are not with a big group, CRA vehicles may not be with you. However, an ambulance will be behind the last rider so there will be assistance if you can’t continue. Bring your phone just in case.

The locals are friendly.

It may be intimidating on first encounters. But if you are lost or need help, Mauritians are eager and ready to lend a hand. This goes for on and off the course.

Enjoy the Ride.

Whether you are going for the win, testing your skills or there for the fun, this tour is really unlike any other. There are lots of opportunities for experiences that you wont have the chance to gain on other tours.